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Power & Compression
Systems, Inc.

Power & Compression Systems (P&CS) is an independent engineering firm with over 45 years of experience providing technical support to equipment operators, planners, and manufacturers.

P&CS provides design audits, feasibility studies, field test, failure investigations, and forensic engineering for engines, turbines, compressors and control systems in simple and combined applications.

P&CS also provides facilities design and engineering for terminal and tank farms, oil and gas production, steam, solar, wind power, and geothermal power plants, cryogenic test and water, waste water, and hazardous waste treatment.

P&CS is uniquely qualified in "trouble shooting" hardware and software equipment malfunctions.

Power & Compression System's reports provide specific details defining equipment problems, recommendations for changes, and modifications to eliminate problem recurrence.

Power & Compression Systems
28437 Buena Vista
Missions Viejo, CA 77386
Phone: 949-582-8545

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